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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Forgot your Android pattern lock?Here is the easy way to reset it.

Why the phone is sometimes locked out?
-Possibilities are that you have attempted too many pattern attempts.
-Someone else was playing with your lock screen code that it locked because of many attempts.

How to unlock any android phone which is locked out?

-If pattern was wrong 5 times and then it locked, select “Forgot Pattern”
-It will ask you for your email ID and password, if entered correctly then phone will successfully unlock.

What if you forgot your email ID or password?

Well then you need to hard reset your phone, which will delete all your settings and apps on your phone.SD card data will be preserved so worry not.
  • Shutdown your phone by holding down the power button.
  • Hold down the Volume Up and Power button simultaneously. Optional:For other phones try holding down the Volume down button and power button.(or Vol down+Up)
  • Continue holding the Volume Up and Power buttons until the phones logo screen is displayed.
  • When the phone’s logo screen is displayed, release the Power button but continue holding the Volume button until the Android System Recovery menu is displayed.
  • Once you are on the Android System Recovery menu, select the wipe data/factory reset option.  Moving the selection up and down is done with the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.  Once you have the wipe data/factory reset option highlighted, you select it by touching the Home button.
  • Once you have chosen the factory reset option, you will see a confirmation screen.  Highlight the Yes delete all user data option and touch the Home button to select it.
  • The process of wiping the phone should only take a few seconds and when it is finished, you will be returned to the Android System Recovery menu.
  • Highlight and select the reboot system now option
  • You phone will now reboot back into normal mode
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Really helpful,
Thanks for sharing.

Your always Welcome for more,stay updated!

ohh great!! worth knowing..tnxx

Glad you loved it, please follow us on twitter,like us on facebook and +1 us on Google Plus.

I've tried everything it just comes up ftm and does nothing or turns on doing the same ur locked out ....

Can you please specify which smartphone you are currently trying to unlock?

Wow !! Good for Android users. Does the data in your phone get wiped if you reset the factory settings?? 

Thx for the feedback, and yes unfortunately when you perform the hard reset it will wipe all your data.

Hello admin. Got a confusion. What if the android phone refuses to boot. As in it shows the logo and then restarts again and again. Tried booting it to recovery mode but it only displays the following words"Emergency mode". Nothing more.WHat to do.. pleasee help

You should be able to boot into recovery mode unless you have pwnd/bricked/corrupted your boot-loader causing it not being able to boot in recovery, if so then the phones boot loader needs to be flashed in download mode.

How to flash to download mode?

Please stay tuned as we will post an article on how to flash your android phone using download mode.Thanks

This will be good for the android users.

Sure, share it with your android friends:)

i tried it but its not working, can you please help me? i have a android tablet newpad t3

Before you do all this make sure your tablet is completely switched off then do this..Can you please try to hold down Volume UP,Volume DOWN and hold down the Power button it will work..

I have a chuwi V8HD wih android 4.0.3 and the combination with volume down or up doesn't work, can you somehow please find the combination of keys for this tablet? I'm really stuck here :( . after it was locked it went to airplane mode and now I can't even get inside with my google account, nor I can reach any setting to change wifi settings or enable it.
Thank you very much

Power off tablet and
Try these combinations:

Volume down+Menu button+Power button
Volume UP+Menu button+Power button
Volume UP+Volume Down +Menu button+Power button
Hold all possible hard buttons, while holding all buttons lastly press and hold the Power button.


-Power off the tablet
-Hold the Menu/Options hard button on the tablet
-While holding Menu/Options, press and hold the Power button

hello admin!
my phone shows no such option.. it shows

i tried it with my vm670 android version 2.2.1 and none worked

When you say data, do you mean contacts, pictures, and messages or just your apparently and settings?

i dont know my patterns and i dont know my gmail id and password. what to do

my phone is samsung galexy gt-s5360

i tried the power button and volume down, it displays an emergency mode!! what to do? :(

Hi! I have a chuwi v13. When i tried what you described, i just saw the android logo on it's back with an exclamation sign in a red triangle. I continued pressing the volume up button but it just went off and came back to the android lying on it's back. I dont know what else to do. Pls help me. I have just the power, volume up and volume down keys.

it is ot working i have samsung galaxy s advance

I have a nextbook premium 8 and it doesn't have a a menu bottom help please admin ASAP

what do you do when you have tablet

On mine it worked kind of. Its just not showing the confirmation screen. Help me please!

I have a emerson tablet 4.3 and i forgot my pattern..it doesnt ask me for a email account or anything how do i reset it my tablet

my android phone pattern lock" unlock for sign in Google account but my phone not conncet internet now can do this

none of the steps work i just get the android man on his back with a red triangle and exclamation mark?!i have an android 7 inch tablet the only hard buttons are power and volume ? pretty please any help would be appreciated thankyou.

If my tablet dont have volume buttons...

thanxxxxxxxxxx broooo

it's 1000000% work

solv my problem yahooooooooooo

no :( it does not show (forgot password) sign ............... u have some other ways ???

.. :(

Excellent... it works for Motorola Defy

Thanks for leaving feedback.

Glad it worked for you:)

Sorry it doesnt work for all phones or tablets but plenty..

Sorry i am not aware of any other ways yet but if i do i will sure post it here first.

My tablet does not have a menu button how can I fix it???It goes strait to that screen it only goes to my lock screen when I connect to a keyboard

I continued holding the volume of button but it stays on the robot laying down with an exlclamation mark over it

May I know which tablet you are using? cause this method doesn't work with all devices..


it showing full phone test

view phone test result

item test


wat to do nw..pls help

hey, im using samsung galaxe ace , but its not working , can u help me ? thanks

thanks for this post. I strongly believe it would solve my phone unlocking problem, but it is still hanging @ the tecno logo page after holding down power & down volume. Please do assist. My tecno model is T3. Thanks from Paulpraise

I have a Samsung Galaxy Fascinate and it did not work how do I fix it?

my phone is locked and I try all this problems, but still not succeeding. I enter my valid email and password but still

thank u very much for this solution...my husband was ready to throw away his phone...thanx a million...this worked great...

Sorry Paul I tried checking on that model for you but I think it's not supported by this method

1.Make sure your phone is completely turned off first!!

2.Press and hold the Volume Up/Down keys and the Power button simultaneously. When the Samsung logo appears, release only the Power button.

3.From the Recovery screen, press the Volume down key to select wipe data/factory reset.

4.Press the home key to select wipe data/factory reset.

5.Press volume up to confirm

6. After its finished reboot system

Which phone are you currently using? Did you try this..
1.Make sure your phone is completely turned off first!!

2.Press and hold the Volume Up/Down keys and the Power button simultaneously. When the Samsung logo appears, release only the Power button.

3.From the Recovery screen, press the Volume down key to select wipe data/factory reset.

4.Press the home key to select wipe data/factory reset.

5.Press volume up to confirm

6. After its finished reboot system

Your welcome, am glad I was able to help you out before he threw away his phone.

thnxxx buddy....for helping me..

i have a smart phone sony tipo st20i how to hard reset the phone ??? please help me dear.....

Hello, I was woundering if the hard reset would delete my pictures and my music because I would like to keep that stuff, and I have an HTC Android thank you veary much for the help.

It normally would not wipe your photos and music but sometimes it does i cant explain why though, so just give it a try..

Try this, turn off your phone completely first!!
Press Volume up button +Home key(middle button). Keep holding them while switching on your phone using the Power key. Your device will go to recovery mode and select wipedata/factory reset..thats all enjoy:)

i am using karbonn A12 then how to do hard reset...?

hi....i tried your method of that but iht still didnt work and ive tried numerous tymes but iht still didnt work....is there any other way i can get into my phone ?

i have Tecno t3 is locked need username and password ,help me what to do

how do you do it on a next book 7?

Very use full and I rectified my pattern reset option. thanking you!!!

Sceen is hangging for long time after I perfrom activity 1-5 with warning symbol on

can you please help me with my rich and hl tab...? how it'll work...

Hey thank u so so so so much.....i was so worried when my phone got locked...but all thanks to u sir,,,,,

i have a micromax funbook p275. It is locked. do not know user id and password. how can i unlock the tablet?

hello, i m using micromaxx A88, i can't open the phone, can u help me pls

hello all the user i have spice swb-01 model and i forgot its screen pattern how can i unlock it

It dosen't show no options after pressing wipe data/factory reset..it just shows a blue exclamation mark .. what can I do ????

It Really Works! Thank Yew Admin!

i have chuwi v8 tablet. and i had problem with the password. can you fix this pleas

you may also try to install "Screen lock reset" application from Google play
it may do the job for you

I have this same problem. And this does not have menu button. please help me

How Can I Reset my tab without Internet.. plz tell me dmin..
Maxis T25 Antacid 7' 2G Tab...

Can you please rephrase your sentence I don't understand you.Thanks

Im having an Taiwan made “Anderon” tablet ,in pattern lock so many
attempts,next move to the Google mail Acct verification mode,default
WiFi- Off mode ,its not workout ,then try factory Hard Reset button ,its
not workout ,then try vol up & down buttons & power on keys not
workout ,download the SDK bundle & ADB files via USB cable ,my
system identify my tablet as a External drive only ,not a device ,so i
again try to find the updatedevice driver for my tablet is not found
,how can unlock my pattern lock,pl help me ?

My phone is an itel inote mini

my HTC amaz200 got locked duet o too many pattern attamp.i tried but ask me to sign in with google ID but i dont have goole account.pls help me

hello admin!
my phone shows no such option.. it shows
PCBA test


view phone test result
KB test
ctp calibrate.


hello admin!
my phone shows no such option.. it shows
PCBA test


view phone test result
KB test
ctp calibrate.


Saw on a Google translation of a Chinese-language site, BT EUT is Factory Reset.
Have not tried it on my own phone.

It wont work on my tablet i got the lutema

hello admin my phone has been patter locked and i forget my password an id ..so please how to open now please can told me please

Hey, thanks very much...its very helpful av managed to unlock my Tecno T3 android phone...@paulpraise, maybe you can try it again!!

my phone is on factory reset but the home isn't makin it go through

it works,my sister had a samsung duos and we solved her problem by trying that.thanks a lot for your help;D

thank for that................
when I forget my patten lock, i am very upset. because just i receive incoming call. not doing other. witting for solution 2days...................
finally got it..................................

very..........very...............very...............very.............very..............thank you

i hve a android 2.2 i wanna unlock the patern this doesnt work with it

this metho is not applicable for andriod 2.2 what do i do

Full Phone Test
KB Test
View Phone Test
Item Test
HW info
Ctp Update FW

That type menu show please help me for reset the phone

im having a problem with my cloudfone, after pressing home for reboot option it shows nothing but the android logo with triangle and exclamation point? what should i do?

thanks so mush I really appreciate. it worked pafectly

hello is this the right solution? pls reply thanks

Thanks for the reply, but didn't work. Prolblem wasn't the pattern lock, but that the phone was locked in a boot-loop. I flashed it with a file found on NeedROM. That put it back to 'stock' or close to it.
Phone is not really regular Android, but 'Mocordroid' -- a fork, I think. It gives a version number expected for Jelly Bean, but the fork is really based on Gingerbread. M-Horse 9500mini -- maybe this is why it doesn't have the expected recovery options.
Anyway, it's working again.

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